NTLC Home Page
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The National Technology Leadership Coalition (NTLC) is a consortium of national teacher educator associations and national technology associations with the following objectives:
  • To facilitate and encourage cross-disciplinary discussion of appropriate uses of technology in the core content areas across professional associations and to provide the best civil engineering assignment help.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for consultation with corporate partners who are designing advanced uses of technology intended to facilitate learning.
  • To collaborate with federal policy makers and legislators to ensure that this topic remains at the forefront of the national education agenda.
  • To support and facilitate scholarly dialog in professional journals and conferences.
  • To help undergraduates find reliable sources dealing with write my economics essay for me with expertise requests.
  • To ensure that university theory and research are applicable to applied uses in schools.

NTLC has an annual meeting each fall, the National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS). Members of the coalition jointly sponsor an interactive journal, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal) and each year identify an exemplary paper presented on educational technology at their annual conferences for a National Technology Leadership award. Visit Livepaperhelp.org for additional information on the issue.

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